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Format C

FC_head-web.png“Format C” is a non-profit artist organization based in Croatia (EU), active in the area of visual and multimedia art.
We continuously act to affirm all contemporary, fringe, visionary artistic practices – first and foremost on our local scene, but we also wish to contribute to strengthening social and professional bonds on a regional, and ultimately, on a global scene.
Our focus is in new media art research and non-profit collaborative creation. Some of the activities we initiate or are involved in include • databending, multimedia and hypermedia art • digital ecology and large-scale artist collaborations • initiating, tech and mediation of cultural collaborations and events • free (both as in “free beer” and in “free speech”) education and open knowledge distribution. Our programmatic production and distribution activities are of a non-profit, multimedia and transdisciplinary collaborative nature and they are based on contemporary (co)production strategies of the art & tech world, realized via distributing knowledge and both – tangible and intangible resources.
If you can imagine yourself doing an interesting collab with us, drop us a letter or two at If you are interested in supporting us, check out our wishlist.


1 Bumbar a 01
2 Krava b 02
3 Zmija    
4 Slon    
5 Pas    
6 Mačka